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About TLPS Radio

The Taylors Lakes Primary School Radio Program known as TLPS Radio is produced by our upper primary pupils for our school community and others with an interest in education.
The main purpose for this type of production is to involve our pupils in Media Arts, Digital Technology, Civics and STEM-based curriculum. Children participate by using a school based recording facility with Logic Pro X and Garage Band Digital Audio Work-Stations to produce their arrangements. The arrangements are referred to as Sound-bytes.

Back in the classroom, students begin pre-production work in small groups. Each group decides on a theme/topic (world knowledge, current affairs, comedy, interviews, narration… virtually any topic of interest) and develop a script (scripts link nicely to their literacy strands in curriculum and interpersonal learning). The team must moderate content and confer with teachers. Once this is ‘ticked-off’, pupils schedule studio time. Using studio equipment and techniques, the pupils record their scripts (they love this phase). The audio is arranged using the track by track sequencing and arrangement in Logic Pro X and Garage Band. Pupils create a voice-over track and backing audio/audio FX using the available loops and live recordings (keyboards, guitar, voice etc).
With audio files completed and any fine-tuning achieved, the files are compressed to mp3 format for portability. The mp3s (sound-bytes) are subsequently loaded to our sound cloud and hyper-linked to the TLPS Radio Station web-site. Our school community is invited to listen and enjoy the candid moments and informative content our pupils produce. So, we invite our school community to take a moment of listening pleasure and enjoy a bit of insight as well.

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